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Digital technical assistance MediaScreen – Accessibility

Digital assistive technology solutions in hospitals

HOPPEN, a company committed to people with disabilities, has developed the DTA MediaScreen-Accessibility, which consists of deploying so-called accessibility functionalities on tablets in the room to enhance the daily life of users

HOPPEN Group research and development teams work daily with ergotherapists and users with disabilities to develop and improve the functionality of DTA MediaScreen-Accessibility solution.
The aim is to give more autonomy and dignity to people with multiple disabilities, and to support medical and social professionals and carers
This project was supported by the ministerial delegation for digital health (DDH) and the digital health agency (DHA)

DTA MediaScreen – Accessibility

Dedicated ergonomics designed to enhance accessibility

  • A simplified and adapted home page in partnership with health professionals
  • The size of the icons is adaptable according to the number of applications defined for the user
  • Pictograms are simple and understandable

The interface and functionality of the DTA MediaScreen are customisable to suit the resident’s abilities.

At the beginning of its use, putting few applications and functionalities enhances the first contact of the resident with the tool.

As the resident becomes familiar with the tool, adding functionalities allows him/her to master and gain autonomy in the use of the DTA MediaScreen

Easy interface control

An adaptable interface

  • Face movement control
  • Breath control
  • Control by a dry contactor (push button)
  • Adapted touch control

It is possible to set up the control in terms of

  • Sensitivity
  • Click speed
  • Selection of the cursor and its size

The Slate application

Easier interfaces’ management

  • Allows to express needs without speaking
  • Allows communication between the patient and the caregiver
  • For some icons, a second choice allows to give details
  • Dedicated health professionals can add and manage all the icons and items
  • Sizes can be adapted

This feature is also available on tablets and mobiles to enable communication with patient’s relatives

svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux
Solution de visioconférence en hôpital

Visio simplified

Because family is important !

We make it easy for you to stay in touch, even at a distance, thanks to a videophone application.

Possibility to have a video call with the family through a direct icon on the screen.

And much more

Simplified Mirror

  • Using the bedside mirror feature to acknowledge face and body

Sharing pictures

  • View a slideshow of shared pictures from the family’s mobile application
svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux
svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux

They trust us

logo fondation pluriel

The Plural Fondation is the health center with which we have worked in partnership to develop this DTA MediaScreen – Accessibility solution which they also use.

Come and discover the establishments that use our solutions !

They trust us

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