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Geo-guidance solution for healthcare center

Orientation in health establishments remains complicated for outsiders who do not know the place.

This is why HOPPEN has developped this Geo-Guidance solution to orientate patients. Helping patients and visitors to easily find their way around the hospital which reduces the anxiety linked to delays.

Therefore, simplifying this orientation helps to regulate the flow at reception points, which reduces waiting time and increases patient satisfaction

Indoor Navigation

  • Search for points of interest
  • Display on maps and itineraries
  • Notify on contextual event feedback (broken lift, slippery floor …)
  • Real time update of the itinerary
  • PRM routes
  • Targeted information push

Mobile application

  • Free application
  • Available on IOS & Android
  • Accuracy of location from 1 to 2 meters

Features for patients

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Features for the Center

svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux

Interacting with users

  • Real-time monitoring of the users
  • Interaction with users via push notifications
  • Filtering searches
  • Follow-up of the patient pathway
  • Automatic alerts in case of congestion

Location of objects

  • Real-time monitoring of the position of objects and equipment
  • Find the nearest available equipment
  • Filtered searches
  • Automatic alerts in case of congestion

Maps configuration

  • Secure web platform
  • Entry of points of interest
  • Indication of recommended paths
  • Setting of buildings, floors, and different locations
  • Simplified protocol updates

Communication and image

  • Partner’s promotion and internal service providers
  • Highlighting of promotional offers (cafeterias, shop, concierge service, etc.)
  • Improving of visitor’s satisfaction in terms of admission quality

Why choose MyHospiMap ?

  • Simplified patient orientation
  • Monitor and regulate flows of patients
  • Distribute live announcements
  • Location of objects