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Patient Portal

Patient Portal

The HOPPEN group has developed a patient portal for medical and administrative management of care.

This solution is unique, secure and customizable to the image of your establishment. It integrates all specialties, improving the patient’s experience both inside and outside the hospital, whatever the pathology. It facilitates the day-to-day work of care teams, enabling them to anticipate any deterioration in a patient’s state of health.

The solution is composed of a mobile application (IOS and Android), a responsive web portal for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionnals, and a coordination portal for healthcare facilities and institutions. It re-imagines the patient/care circle relationship by providing the necessary tools for the patient.

Healthcare data is hosted either locally in the facility, or on Health Data-approved servers.

No data is collected or hosted by the HOPPEN group.

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Discover the Exolis by HOPPEN patient portal

Since 2022, Exolis has been a brand of the HOPPEN group. For 8 years now, it has been offering a modular, customizable and adaptable patient portal