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Hospitality Admission Solution

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HOPPEN provides its clients, within the framework of a concession or service contract, with a phygital Hospitality admission offer

This offer includes :

  • The design and installation of a reception kiosk
  • The presence of qualified hosts/hostesses
  • The implementation of digital reception tools (pre-admission, online payment, e-consent, etc.)

*Available according to markets

Optimising Hospitality admission for healthcare Center

The Hospitality admission solution provides healthcare center with a reception kiosk with qualified hosts/hostesses. Their task is to welcome and orientate patients.

This on-site team helps to regulate the flow of patients and visitors in and out of the hospital and thus reduce their waiting time.

Having a team dedicated to reception allows for a personalised approach to the patient, who feels listened to and is therefore more satisfied.

Benefits for the patient

  • A wider range of opening hours
  • Easier availability and orientation
  • Quality service offers
  • Reduction of stress
  • Saves time
svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux
svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux

Benefits for the Center

  • Internal teams can focus on their core business
  • Regulation of entry and exit flows
  • Optimisation of reception areas – single point
  • Delegated human resources management
  • Budgetary savings to be reallocated

Why choose this Hospitality admission solution ?

  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Regulation of flows at reception points
  • Reduction of waiting time
  • Personalised patient care
  • Pooling of reception staff