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HOPPEN’s Sales service solution

Accueil du patient en hôpital


HOPPEN provides its clients with the Phygital offer for the patient experience and marketing teams, dedicated to the hospitality services, that is within the concession or a service contract.

This offer includes :

  • The design and installation of reception kiosk
  • The presence of qualified sales consultants
  • The implementation of digital sales support tools

HOPPEN’s Sales Service solution

The Sales Service solution consists of a team of qualified sales consultants who sell hospitalities and multimedia solutions to patients.

This Sales service regulates the flow of patients at the reception points and manages cash receipts, which improves patient satisfaction

Benefits for patients

  • Quality patient support
  • Visibility on the services provided
  • Reduction of waiting times at reception points
Solutions d'accueil en hôpital
Solutions multimédia en hôpital

Benefits for the Center

  • Optimisation of cash management
  • Reduction of patient flows at the reception desk
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved brand image
  • Focus of internal teams on their core business

Why choose this Sales Service solution ?

  • Increased patient satisfaction and comfort
  • Regulate the flow of patients at the reception points
  • Improved patient reception
  • Attractiveness of the establishment