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Challenges and stakes

Digital Innovation keeps evolving within the healthcare field.
However Patient’s are still facing challenges and difficulties in organising their stay and their well being.

1. Improving Patient’s admission and journey

  • Providing high level of quality in patient’s admission
  • Reducing waiting times
  • Simplifying information sharing
  • Offering a quality entertainment services in the room
svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux
svg+xml;charset=utf - Hoppen solutions de gestion pour hopitaux

2. Easing staff’s daily life

  • Improving working conditions (pace, dealing with patients’ suffering, night shifts, etc.)
  • Relieving the nursing staff to their “non-medical” tasks
  • Preventing psycho-social risks

3. Providing time to care

  • Enabling nursing staff to focus on their core business : care
  • Delegating administrative tasks and patient services to business experts
  • Offering value-added services for the patient
Solutions d'accompagnement du patient en hopital

“Phygital” as a response tool

HOPPEN Group in convinced that “phygital” (the combination of in-situ teams and technological tools) is the SOLUTION to the challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

By servicing the multimedia solutions and the management of patient support to HOPPEN Group via a “phygital” approach, healthcare facilities will be able to focus on their core business while offering a quality service to their patients.

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