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HOPPEN’s Methodology

Our role is to support you in the design of your project through HOPPEN’s Methodology

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Our Support

  1. Choice of the uses and services for your patient’s and the hospitality positioning
  2. Define the business model, marketing, maintenance scope and project expectations
  3. Designate an internal project coordinator (from the start of the project)
  4. Secure the technical infrastructure in cooperation with the establishment’s teams
  5. Anticipate service continuity
  6. Define the contracting, deployment, and operating schedule

HOPPEN’s Methodology

First step : Study of the existing situation

  • Assess the actual status
  • Identify the stakes
  • Identify the possibilities

Second step : Creation of your Hospitality project

  • Uses and patient pathways
  • Demonstration
  • Operating model

Third step : Presentation of the project and contractualisation

  • Co-design of the hospitality project
  • Validate scope of work
  • Contractualisation

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